Francelj | Family Portraits Utah

I've gotten to know this family really well in the last year. Both their daughters are my sisters through Kappa Kappa Gamma! They're wonderful people and meeting their parents was an incredible opportunity. The day of this shoot the weather was your typical hot and cold - wants to rain, maybe snow but maybe it won't. I was really nervous to get to Tibble Fork and have it be pouring. However, we went on a limb and hoped for the best! I was drizzling and cold but they were all good sports about it. We had to convince their cute puppy to sit on the cold ground but it all worked out! 

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Aubree | Senior Portraits Utah

Aubree is an amazing High School Senior to work with! She's so spunky and sessions with her are full of laughter! Right after taking her family's photos we grabbed some of just her. We were incredibly lucky that the rain stopped - but sure enough as soon as we finished it POURED! 

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Check out Aubree's fall session and remember how beautiful this fall was! 

Cummings | Family Portraits Utah

I LOVED working with this family! They were a tough group, sticking it out on a rainy day for some great shots! You can't tell here, but by the end of the session it started to POUR! I was super nervous the whole day about the weather, but when you have to coordinate multiple teenagers - you only get one shot LOL. Uploading these photos makes me really miss the vibrate fall we had this year. Utah is so beautiful for family photos. Even when it's freezing in the winter photos still look wonderful! 

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Take a look at some of my favorite shots from their session below! 

Emma | Utah Senior Portraits

Emma's back! She's one of our Senior Representatives this year - so if you're looking for cheap senior pictures this year, talk to Emma! She really wanted to take some of her Senior Pictures at her high school so we went for it. 

Check out some of my favorite shots from her session! 

Celebrate Everyday | Utah Wedding Portraits

I've been excited for this shoot for so long! I love getting to work with creative people for a good cause! Another student at the University of Utah is the founder of Celebrate Everyday, a FREE Dress Rental company. And let's be real, what's better than free prom dresses. It's inspiring to see such dedicated girls working to do something truly amazing in our community. Go ahead and check them out at and of course, give them a follow on Instagram! (@celebrate.everyday). Along with the dresses we had an incredible makeup artist, Camberly Shaw (@hairstylist_cam on Instagram) and beautiful flowers from Breezy Floral - check them out at (@breezyfloral on Instagram). 

We were laughing pretty much this entire shoot! Tia, our model was a dream to work with. She's got the greatest personality and looked drop dead gorgeous in the lace designer dress! Wedding Portraits in Utah are so beautiful, no matter the season there's so many beautiful locations to shoot at! For this shoot we headed up to the State Capitol just in time to grab the last little bit of fall. 

Check out some of my favorite images from this shoot! 

Emma | Fall Utah Senior Portraits

We LOVE working with Emma! She's got the best serious face and such a fun personality! We decided to explore Thanksgiving Point's Ashton Gardens for her fall portraits - and let me tell you, it was a dream! I love that area and would love to go back again! 

It's getting too late for Fall Portraits here in Utah - but winter is just as fun! Be sure to book early as these months get pretty crazy as families start booking for Christmas pictures. 

Check out some of my favorite shots from Emma's Session! 

Smoke Bombs | Utah Senior Portraits

Ok guys, this is something we've been dying to do forever - AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Working with smoke bombs were a 100% new experience, but we got some amazing shots! Check it out - we also did some sunset shots, but more on that later. 

Want to work with smoke bombs? Let us know! We LOVED it and would totally be down to do it again. 

Garrett and Brianna | Utah Couple Photography

I absolutely love this couple! Garrett first contacted me wanting to do this session as a surprise gift for their first anniversary (LOVE). In the last two weeks since this session they've gotten engaged! So a huge congratulations to them! 

We had so much fun taking portraits at Daybreak, Utah! It's such a cute little village, I've said this before but I could totally see myself living out there one day. 

Check out some of my favorite shots from their session! 

Melissa | Utah Senior Fall Portraits

Ok, so I know you see a lot of pictures of Melissa on my page, but she's always been my go to - PLUS she's a senior representative this year! We did two sessions with her over the last week in a half, so here's some of my favorites from her first session! 

I LOVE Utah in the Fall. The colors are so vibrant and there's SO much to explore! I'm hoping the season holds on for a few more weeks to get some extra shoots in before the snow. Of course, I'm in love with all things fall - including PUMPKINS! So we decided, totally last minute, to do some fun things with pumpkins!