Emma | Spring Senior Pictures

I'm convinced that Emma got the last day of cherry blossoms at the Capital! I never realized how short lived those beautiful blossoms are! Seriously, they've been on my bucket list for years and now I realize why - They're gorgeous guys! We originally planned on a split location session, but we spent the majority of the time at the Capitol because it was so perfect. Emma has been a dream to work with this year and I'm so excited to have her on campus at the U next year! Check out a few highlights from her spring session. 

Aubree | Utah Senior Pictures

Aubree and I planned this session last summer and I've been excited about it ALL year! And let me tell you, it was a dream! Temple Square in the spring is probably one of my favorite places and Aubree totally rocked her session there. Her spunky personality came through with her gorgeous red hair and beautiful hats! This cute sister missionary even showed us the dreamiest hidden oasis that I'm completely in love with. Considering it for my wedding reception it's so cute! Check out some highlight from Aubree's session. 

Christmas Dance | Utah Senior Photographer

When I was in High School I LIVED for dances, they were probably the one thing that kept me in school LOL. BUT there was nothing worse than paying $25+ for one or two usually horrible pictures. Plus you had to wait in line for what seemed like half the dance and miss all the good songs! When Tanner and I started dating we chose to skip the pictures entirely and take our own. While it worked for us to put my camera on a tripod and edit my own photos, I wish I had someone to take fun cute photos of us and have it be worth the money! 

I personally LOVE taking dance photos. Everyone looks great and is having fun! Interested in booking me for your dance? Couple are just $15 each! ($10 each if you have more than 8 couples) and you get a whole 30 - 60 mins to get plenty of photos, not just a single sad awkward shot. Book your upcoming dance HERE now! 

Also, Melissa and Aubree from this shot are Senior Reps! Contact them and learn how you can save $$ on your senior pictures! 




Maughan | Utah Family Portraits

This family session has a fantastic story! I was up at Tibble Fork for another family session when they approached me. Turns out the photographer they had hired didn't show up. They had a car full of kids all dressed up and no one to take their pictures. So after I finished my original session I grabbed a few photos of them for their Christmas card! I loved their positive attitudes! They had been waiting around in the car for at least an hour, that would have made any other family tired and upset - but they were full of energy and smiles! It was so good getting to know them during our super short session. Check it out! 




Royle | Utah Family Portraits

With finals season I'm SO behind on blogging! But I just got too excited over this family! They were a dream to work with. Originally we planned on shooting at a tree farm in Utah, but they changed their photographer policy literally the day before :(. So we quickly changed to this beautiful hidden location that I love! 

Check out those huge smiles from their adorable toddler! Happy Holidays! 



Francelj | Family Portraits Utah

I've gotten to know this family really well in the last year. Both their daughters are my sisters through Kappa Kappa Gamma! They're wonderful people and meeting their parents was an incredible opportunity. The day of this shoot the weather was your typical hot and cold - wants to rain, maybe snow but maybe it won't. I was really nervous to get to Tibble Fork and have it be pouring. However, we went on a limb and hoped for the best! I was drizzling and cold but they were all good sports about it. We had to convince their cute puppy to sit on the cold ground but it all worked out! 

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Aubree | Senior Portraits Utah

Aubree is an amazing High School Senior to work with! She's so spunky and sessions with her are full of laughter! Right after taking her family's photos we grabbed some of just her. We were incredibly lucky that the rain stopped - but sure enough as soon as we finished it POURED! 

Fall may be gone but the snow is so pretty up the canyons! Book your affordable senior portraits for this winter here. Be sure to look out for some amazing locations for senior pictures this winter! 

Check out Aubree's fall session and remember how beautiful this fall was! 

Cummings | Family Portraits Utah

I LOVED working with this family! They were a tough group, sticking it out on a rainy day for some great shots! You can't tell here, but by the end of the session it started to POUR! I was super nervous the whole day about the weather, but when you have to coordinate multiple teenagers - you only get one shot LOL. Uploading these photos makes me really miss the vibrate fall we had this year. Utah is so beautiful for family photos. Even when it's freezing in the winter photos still look wonderful! 

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Take a look at some of my favorite shots from their session below! 

Emma | Utah Senior Portraits

Emma's back! She's one of our Senior Representatives this year - so if you're looking for cheap senior pictures this year, talk to Emma! She really wanted to take some of her Senior Pictures at her high school so we went for it. 

Check out some of my favorite shots from her session!