A Mermaid and Her Pirate

Ok guys, this is a shoot we've been DREAMING about for the past two years!! And it finally came together! I was a little worried about rain but the day was beautiful! Our beautiful models had their hair and makeup done by the amazing Emily and Bekah at Kellie and Company. We absolutely loved our experience in their salon. Their creativity really made this whole shoot come together. Check them out at @Kellie_Company or www.KellieandCompany.com. 

Melissa has been obsessed with Captain Jack Sparrow forever, and we found this incredible house in San Diego and just couldn't resist putting this shoot together! Turns out her best friend, Aubrey, love mermaids - so naturally, we added her in! Best Senior Pictures Ever! 

We went out to Daybreak for this fun beach look (Daybreak, by the way, is ADORABLE and you can totally expect me to live there with my cute family one day ;) ). We wanted to use a canoe but they wouldn't let us leave the dock - so I was literally knee deep in water in the dock to get those incredible boat shots! WORTH IT! 

Check out what is forever my favorite shoot! 



Meet one of our 2018 Senior Representatives, Emma! Emma is a senior from Skyridge High. I love her spunky personality and that perfect smile of hers! We headed down to Provo Center Street earlier this month and has the most wonderful weather! I love how they turned out, take a look. And don't worry - we've got so much more coming! Want to save on your senior pictures? Ask Emma how! 


The Millers

The one thing I've learned while starting my career in photography is that things don't always go as planned. You can plan out every little detail as the client - but kids will find a way to run the whole show. That's what happened with this session, but a bit of play hasn't hurt anyone! We had so much fun during this session and the Miller family is ADORABLE!! Check out some of my favorite images! 


My Incredible Adventure to India

Last month I traveled to India for two weeks and that experience changed my entire life. It was all apart of a humanitarian trip with a local organization called Youth Making a Difference (YMAD). I've been interested in applying for YMAD since high school but the timing didn't work out until college. We taught english to students there for a week, visited our guides amusement park (funniest thing ever), went white water rafting, visited a temple, and started way to many inside jokes! I love my group and every experience I had while in India. It's something you just can't explain, but can never forget. I fell in love with my students and wished I had more time with them! I love being able to teach them something new. It's incredible how much you can bond with a child when you don't even speak the same language. I found it funny that a lot of the kids had zero idea that we couldn't understand them LOL! 

My experience was beyond memorable! I remember expecting to experience culture shock, but as soon as we landed and drove through the city I just fell in love with everything. The people, the smells, the culture, just everything! I accepted it all right away; it felt like I had known it was whole life. It was so quickly a part of me. 

I would highly recommend anyone goes with YMAD! it was the greatest program I had been involved in. But anyways, you can always ask me questions, I have tons of stories to share! But it's a lot to type....so here's some of my favorite pictures that I took. I hope you fall in love with my students pictures as much as I fell in love with them. Enjoy! 

The Ice Castles

So the Midway Ice Castles are possibly my most favorite place to shoot. A little out of the way and harder to schedule time for but they are BREATHTAKING! Plus, the icy backdrop is the perfect canvas for me. Last year was a blast and I looked forward to this years session for a long time. Sadly, the weather wasn't in our favor and we only made it up once (sad face). I took our Senior Spokesmodel - Echo, and my fabulous Roommate who was a great sport when I asked her to do some crazy stuff. Check out my favorites below! 




Winter Ball

High School dances were pretty much the only thing I liked about High School. Without those dances I'm pretty sure I would've dropped out LOL! I love taking pictures for dance groups because I personally hated paying another HUGE fee for the dance for one or two lame pictures! I wanted a variety and to have fun, not wait in a line forever. 

Today has been a crazy day, well a crazy week actually. Here are highlights from two dance groups I've shot in the last week. One from Bountiful High School and one from Viewmont High School. Both were so much fun and I loved seeing them all dresses up! Bountiful was shot at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, a beautiful building but wouldn't recommend it for another group shoot (traffic, lighting, crowds). The Viewmont group was shot at the Capitol building (one of my favs), while crowded and "main stream" the pictures turn out great! 


This girl right here is pretty much my favorite person. Luck would have it that we became roommates this year (Ok, more like one awesome cousin of mine...) Having never shared a room or had a sister before this year was an adjustment, but a total blast with Kenzie! From getting breakfast at 1am, to buying a fish (Sugar Patch) and decorating the room for halloween without her knowing, this year has been pretty amazing. The best thing about having a roommate is I can make her take pictures with me whenever I want LOL. Love you Kenzie!