Winter Ball | Utah High School Dance Pictures

High School dances were pretty much the only thing I liked about High School. Without those dances I'm pretty sure I would've dropped out LOL! I love taking pictures for dance groups because I personally hated paying another HUGE fee for the dance for one or two lame pictures! I wanted a variety and to have fun, not wait in a line forever. 

Today has been a crazy day, well a crazy week actually. Here are highlights from two dance groups I've shot in the last week. One from Bountiful High School and one from Viewmont High School. Both were so much fun and I loved seeing them all dresses up! Bountiful was shot at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, a beautiful building but wouldn't recommend it for another group shoot (traffic, lighting, crowds). The Viewmont group was shot at the Capitol building (one of my favs), while crowded and "main stream" the pictures turn out great!