My Incredible Adventure to India

Last month I traveled to India for two weeks and that experience changed my entire life. It was all apart of a humanitarian trip with a local organization called Youth Making a Difference (YMAD). I've been interested in applying for YMAD since high school but the timing didn't work out until college. We taught english to students there for a week, visited our guides amusement park (funniest thing ever), went white water rafting, visited a temple, and started way to many inside jokes! I love my group and every experience I had while in India. It's something you just can't explain, but can never forget. I fell in love with my students and wished I had more time with them! I love being able to teach them something new. It's incredible how much you can bond with a child when you don't even speak the same language. I found it funny that a lot of the kids had zero idea that we couldn't understand them LOL! 

My experience was beyond memorable! I remember expecting to experience culture shock, but as soon as we landed and drove through the city I just fell in love with everything. The people, the smells, the culture, just everything! I accepted it all right away; it felt like I had known it was whole life. It was so quickly a part of me. 

I would highly recommend anyone goes with YMAD! it was the greatest program I had been involved in. But anyways, you can always ask me questions, I have tons of stories to share! But it's a lot to here's some of my favorite pictures that I took. I hope you fall in love with my students pictures as much as I fell in love with them. Enjoy!