Christmas Dance | Utah Senior Photographer

When I was in High School I LIVED for dances, they were probably the one thing that kept me in school LOL. BUT there was nothing worse than paying $25+ for one or two usually horrible pictures. Plus you had to wait in line for what seemed like half the dance and miss all the good songs! When Tanner and I started dating we chose to skip the pictures entirely and take our own. While it worked for us to put my camera on a tripod and edit my own photos, I wish I had someone to take fun cute photos of us and have it be worth the money! 

I personally LOVE taking dance photos. Everyone looks great and is having fun! Interested in booking me for your dance? Couple are just $15 each! ($10 each if you have more than 8 couples) and you get a whole 30 - 60 mins to get plenty of photos, not just a single sad awkward shot. Book your upcoming dance HERE now! 

Also, Melissa and Aubree from this shot are Senior Reps! Contact them and learn how you can save $$ on your senior pictures!