Location is one of the first thing everyone asks me about. Here's some ideas for locations for your shoot that I love! I'm always open to new places so just let me know if you want to try something different! *Any location fee or parking fee must be paid by the client


Weber County


Union Station

2501 Wall Avenue Ogden, UT

Union Station offers a fun and different environment for pictures. There are many doors, trains, cobble streets, and brick walls to pose in front of. There's also train tracks that you can pose on! Main Street is also within walking distance. Not to mention to Ogden LDS Temple is just around the block! 

Davis County


Salt lake shorelands

41 South 3200 West, Layton UT

This gorgeous location has tall grass fields, perfect for sunsets, as well as a wooden walkway perfect for small families and seniors! Bug spray is a MUST! Early morning and late evening is perfect for lighting! 


hidden piece of happiness

Located by Davis High School, Kaysville Utah

This awesome hidden trail in the middle of a neighborhood is so much fun in the fall! All the leaves fall and make for one perfect fall shoot! Also, there's a fun field up behind it that also makes for some great shots! 


Lagoon trail

Located behind Lagoon Amusement Park 

This long trail is easy to get to and offers a variety of trees, benches, bridges and so much more! Fun for small families and senior sessions. 


Bountiful Main Street

Main Street, Bountiful UT 

Bountiful is possibly the CUTEST little town! The little stores that line the street make for an adorable backdrop to small family or senior portraits. The street isn't normally busy so it's perfect! Colorful benches and walls add the perfect pop of color to any portrait session!


Muller park canyon

Bountiful, Utah 

This easy to access canyon located in Bountiful is a blast! There's a bridge and a little creek, as well as a variety of trees and trunks to sit on. The fall colors are awesome, as well as in the early spring when the trees are in full bloom! It's not much of a hike, but you can walk higher up for an even better experience! 

Salt Lake County


Great Salt Lake / Great Saltair

Salt Lake City 

With both the option of the marina (docks and the water for fun reflections) as well as the salt flats, the Great Salt Lake is a fun and diverse location! Not only does the lake allow us to do some awesome reflection shoots, the sunsets are breathtaking! (Don't forget the bug spray!) 

The capital building

350 North Main Street SLC

It's renaissance revival-style building with sweeping staircases and manicured lawns. Polished floors and a special elegant feel is prefect for a "Black-Tie affair" style session! The long staircases are perfect for bridals and a formal session! Nice indoor option when the weather gets cold. 


memory Grove Park

375 120 E, Salt Lake City, UT

This park, full of grassy areas and trees, also has bridges, benches, stairs, and a greek style pavilion! There is also a trail that allows you the best of both worlds!  Very fun, small location. 




Downtown Salt Lake City 

The Gateway provides both a city like feel, with grounds and fountains that add a flare to your session! There's also the Union at the Gateway which is a great indoor options for the colder months.

Murray Park 

State Street and 5109 South (Murray Park LN) Murray, UT

Situated just across from the hospital (IHC) in Murray, this park offers bridges gazebos, and a creek for fun pictures. It's best to avoid on weekends because it tends to draw some crowds.

wheeler historic farm

6351 S. 900 E. Murray, UT 

Offers indoor as well as outdoor photo locations. There are little bridges, buildings, wagons and animals, making it fun for kids! Bring some bread to feed the ducks! There is a $10 photography fee, so be prepared to pay that.


Sandy Abandoned Building

State Street and 110th South, Sandy, UT

This Building (the old Valley High) has multiple beautiful doors, stairs, and in the summer months a wall of green vines. Best to visit this location in the later evening for best lighting.


Hidden waterfall

Draper, Behind Pepper Wood 

After a short, slightly steep, scenic hike you find a small waterfall. Time to take your shoes off and climb in! Fun for just about everything! Best in the late spring and early summer season.




1020 East 12400 South, Draper, UT

This easy to find park has several wooden bridges and fences, a couple of creeks, traintracks, and a cute barn! There is also a park to entertain the kids in between shoots.



3rd East 13800th South, Draper, UT

This cute little house provides a small spot complete with white brick, a cute porch, a small area of trees and more! Super fun and easy to find!


Soda Row, Daybreak UT 

Perfect location when you want a mix of city/modern feel as well as the lake look! Soda Row is the cutest little shopping center. The lake also has bridges and docks that you just can't beat. Fun for small families and senior portraits! 

Utah County

American Fork Ampitheatre

851 East 700 North American Fork

Located in Northern Utah County, just west of the Timpanogus LDS Temple, it's not far from most major cities in Utah. It features beautiful park like landscaping, lots of open shade and a stone ampitheatre.

provo library

550 North University Ave, Provo UT

This library is a blend between the old historic library and the new library. There's a modern bridge connecting the two. Brick walls, fund doors, and a great lawn make for a great portrait session! 

provo center street

Center Street, Provo UT 

Historic Center Street in Provo is lined with cute stores, brick and graffiti walls, and a cute walking path. This is a nice and flexible place for a portrait session if you're looking for an old city type feel. 


pioneer park 

Provo Center Street 

This park is a perfect location for families with small children. It has lots of grass areas with large trees. The best part is the playground and splash pad! 

provo orchards

Provo Center Street 

At the entrance of the hospital groups the beautiful orchards provide a gorgeous backdrop to family and senior portraits! Most popular for bridals, this location is also a favorite for families and seniors.


Provo castle

Provo Center Street 

This beautiful Castle Amphitheater is perfect for formal sessions (and princess portraits ;) ) The Cobblestone steps and towers, fun doors and windows make for a fun and enchanting session! We can never get enough of this location! A $20 photography fee is required, so be prepared to pay that.